In loneliness, the lonely one eats himself; in a crowd, the many eat him.

Now choose.

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Robert Motherwell.
Sono stanco, non so nulla e non vorrei che posare il viso nel tuo grembo, sentire la tua mano sul mio capo e rimanere così per tutte le eternità.
by Franz Kafka, Lettere a Milena  (via
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A wounded and distraught British POW in St. Nazaire, France, March 1942. 


A Story of Yonosuke (横道世之介,Yokomichi Yonosuke) dir. Shuichi Okita.

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The largest-ever US retrospective of Georgian cinema opens tomorrow night at MoMA. 

[Eliso (Elisso, a.k.a. Caucasian Love). 1928. USSR, Directed by Nikoloz Shengelaia. Image courtesy of UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive]
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Oscar Niemeyer, Canoas House, 1953.
Read about this and other Niemeyer projects in last week’s post!
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Paul Cezanne Three Bathers (1879 - 1882)oil on canvas 55 x 52 cmMusée du Petit Palais, Paris
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Taken from Gummo
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Standing Nude with Large Hat (Gertrude Schiele), 1910
Egon Schiele



Lucio Fontana, Milano, 1964. (bron: Artsy, foto’s: Ugo Mulas)



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From the runway.

Kate Moss at Calvin Klein s/s 1994
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Quadrato nero - Kazimir Severinovič Malevič
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by Nivia Gonzalez