Subtle voices in the wind, hear the truth they're telling.
A world begins where the road ends, watch me leave it all behind.

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Andre’ Kertesz
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# 2682 “Place To Be 2” on Flickr.
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“They were words that came out of nothing, but they seemed to him somehow significant. He muttered them over again.” ― Yasunari Kawabata (川端 康成, Kawabata Yasunari, 14 June 1899 – 16 April 1972) The first Japanese writer to win Nobel prize for literature, in 1968.
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These shocking photographs show what life is like for a little girl living with parents gripped by hard drug addiction.
Parents Pasha and Lilya, from St Petersburg, seem oblivious to their two-year-old daughter Anfisa, who craves their attention and love.



Viviane Sassen

‘Flamboya’ refers to the ‘Flamboyant’ tree which blossoms in December and paints the landscape across East and South Africa with countless deep red-and-orange flowers. Yet, maybe this name constitutes the sole remaining concession and reference to an exotic image of Africa in the history of a body of work that otherwise helps challenge this enduring conception. Shot in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia, the ‘Flamboya’ photographs stand as paradigmatic for Sassen’s new way of looking at Africa – one devoid of sentimentality and that through poetical metaphors acknowledges the challenges and drawbacks of its complex reality.

Istupidito bevevo nei suoi occhi vividi di tempesta,
la dolcezza che incanta e il piacere che uccide.

Charles Baudelaire

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L’uomo vive dei suoi problemi
e muore delle sue soluzioni
by Nicolás Gómez Dávila (via


Hussein Chalayan
photography donald christie editing katie barlow thanks to jane how, lia crowe, misako nakazawa

2000 (minus 3)
Curator and Fashion Director Terry Jones Production Design Dante Ferretti

Fashion/Cinema, Biennale di Firenze (1998)

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A Mongolian first-grader with a Mickey Mouse backpack walks home from school, against the backdrop of the Altai mountains. Photo by Andrew Cullen.
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SDIM5999 (by Tristan D)
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Herbert Pfostl, “ordnungen”